Sunday, 21 October 2012

Spring Flashback

Jacket Miss Selfridge | Top Topshop | Skirt Topshop (old) | Converse Office | Bag Mulberry 

Shamefacedly, since buying this skirt full price in March, I've only worn it about three times. It now loiters about the Topshop sale rail and probably has since I wore it for the first time. As per.

Because of a cruel weekly budget, and unless I start shitting money, I won't be shopping for quite a while, so I'm trying to make full use out of everything in my wardrobe. Consequently, the skirt's made a reappearance, and I really quite like it paired with this oversized grey top and Converse. They make it a lot more casual and less let's-go-for-tea-and-a-scone. Or so I hope anyhow.


  1. Nice outfit!

  2. I'm loving that Audrey Hepburn poster and your bedspread, good taste girl. Oh I've had a skirt that is in the same situation as yours, haha. It's beautiful but I always struggle to find something to wear it with, consequently I've completely failed to wear it as much as I really should. I am also loving that bag of yours, I need to invest in a new bag and I believe you've just given me more inspiration into which one to get.

    Love Becky xx

  3. I really like the skirt with the Converse and your hair is beautiful! X

  4. it looks really cute as do your bedsheets


  5. Love the jacket and even more love for Audrey!

  6. great look! adore that skirt!
    fabulous blog!
    following you now :)
    would love if you checked out my blog sometime!

  7. love this outfit!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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