Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Apple Of My Eye

Sunglasses Miu Miu
This post is loooooong overdue! I received these way back in February as a ridiculously-over-the-top-and-not-at-all-necessary-but-very-much-appreciated birthday present from my boyfriend, and I AM IN LOVE! Since February I've paraded them about the house constantly, but now that the sun's decided to have a bit of a flirt on with us in Britain they've been everywhere and anywhere. Likewise, I felt the need to tout them about my blog because they're just that beautiful!

They sit perfectly balanced on the face, and for quite a weighty pair of sunnies, compared to plastic frames, they don't feel at all heavy when on. Although not exactly a 'classic' shape or style, they're not going to be put anywhere near the back of the drawer any year soon!


Saturday, 16 February 2013

OOTD #002

Jacket Miss Selfridge | Top Topshop | Disco Pants American Apparel | Shoes New Look | Bag Mulberry | Necklace Topshop
Exams and a new found obsession with Grey's Anatomy has pretty much resulted in a lazy past month that made little room for any sort of blog post, unless along the lines of WSIWT (what sweatpants I wore today). Oh, and I kept forgetting to buy batteries for my camera, so that too! Anyway, now I'm back to my resolution to make a continued effort with my blog, and an outing in my brand spanking new disco pants has given reason for a looong overdue post.

Despite what anyone says, you can't beat American Apparel for disco pants. So, although I feel as though I might as well have sold a limb for these beauties, it was a well sold limb! No see-through material, no baggy ankles and no saggy back-of-knees!


Sunday, 13 January 2013

OOTD #001

Dress French Connection | Watch Michael Kors | Trainers Nike
I spied this dress months ago, but its hefty £89 price tag told me it was waaay out of my league and rejected me subsequently. Something about only having eyes for Fearne Cotton or something like that? But when the absolute boyos at French Connection reduced it by 40 quid I was straight in, and have wore it non-stop since! It's got an oversized fit, even at two sizes smaller, so here I've belted it up and pulled it over sortathing. But, yeah, I really sort of love it!


Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sale Exploits







I vowed not to sale shop this time round. Which lasted until precisely 9:20 Boxing Day morning when I found myself in Newcastle city centre, or maybe even 7:50 when I set my alarm especially for the jaunt. Unfortunately, this habit, minus the daft wake-up time, continued steadily into the New Year. Whilst I still don't fancy checking my bank balance, and still feel a tad guilty, I'm overall quite proud of what I think (and hope) was quite effective sale shopping. So, here's what I bought;

Stella McCartney pj shorts - Fenwick - £55 £38
Admittedly, I'd have gotten through life without these. But having seen them when they were full price, and even though their sale tag was more than my last pair of jeans, I got all fluttery and couldn't help myself.

Top - All Saints - 40 £20
It's really a vest, but it works out as a cape style, cut-out-shoulder top too! Soooo, technically two tops for £10 each?

Sequin pumps - New Look - £15.99 £7 £3
I bought a pair before Christmas, sneakily, at £7, but when they went down to £3 couldn't stop myself buying another. Ideal for disgusting nights at The Raz!

Leopard print flats - New Look - £15.99 £7
I bought these waaaaay back in June and never had them off my feet. They're all shabby now and tried to buy them again in the Autumn but couldn't find them in my size. When I saw £7 I bought two of these too! Admittedly, slightly excessive.

Lancôme Star mascara gift set - Debenhams - £21 £14.01
Bought on my Beauty Club Card points, I don't feel so guilty about this. I buy Lancôme mascara anyway so this was a total bargain. I prefer Hypnose Drama but beggars can't be choosers!

What has everyone else been buying in the sales?